When the spirit is willing the body is not..

We all have dreams, gifts, talents and desires that God has given us!  We are going in to a new year and its time to live full-out. Are you living your souls desire? If not, IT’S TIME!!  Do you know what your purpose and souls desire are? IT’S TIME to know.  A lot of times when  we are not living out our true purpose or a fulfilled life it’s because of the philosophy we telling ourselves. Our mind and body are toxic from the foods we eat and the toxic information from the world.. When we are toxic we become sick, some deal with depression and anxiety, some deal with fatigue and diseases the list can go on and on.

It is time to take better self-care of our mind-body and spirit. When I am not in flow with good self-care I procrastinate, I have brain fogs, aches and pains and sugar craving .None of these thing serve us. 2017 it is time to get in flow and live the life were born to live !

It starts with better self-care. For me that includes juicing; healing the body. Working out with my trainer; also heal and shaping the body. Studying my word; healing the mind and spirit, and surrounding myself with like minded people and/or people who have what I/you want ; that also helps the mind. Working with a coach and mentor!  This can be key to help you to take a leap and helping you to live your dream life!. let’s make sure that the body and spirit are one cohesive team  so that we can fulfill our purpose and soul’s desire!

It would be a sad day if the spirit is willing, and wanting to live full-out and pursue your souls desire, and the body want let it..


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