Taking 100% Responsibility For Your Life

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstance, the season or the wind, but you can change YOURSELF! ” (Jim Rohn)

This statement slaps me in the face, ever time I’m in my feeling or feel uneasy or stress. It is so easy to go into the victim mentality and play the blame game. I’ve done it a million times. You know why? It was a learn behavior. The truth is we some times become a product of our environment. Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and then here comes the negative self talk, the bad habit and the excuses.

For years I took partial responsibility for my life, health and wealth ect . You know the things that were going good (I did take them as a blessing from above) But not the things that wasn’t going right in my life.. As time when on, there was a deep desire in me that want more, and knew I could have more, deserve more, better health, wealth, romance and a deeper spiritual relationship.

This put me on a path of finding myself, trying new things. Surrounding myself with people who had what I wanted.. People who spirit felt genuine in helping me in my process .. I made a decision to not stay the same. What I know for sure is that when you TRULY make a decision to do something, opportunity will open up for you to help you on your journey. Understand these opportunity aren’t always there to make ever thing easy breezy, sometime they come to grow you,  so that you become fully develop..

As I began my journey on self development  I began to understand that in order to change my self  I had to give up all my excuse, all my victim stories, all the reason why, and all the blaming of my circumstance. This is not always easy to do. This requires awareness, discipline and a willingness to take rise, but what I do know is that circumstances I/you complain about are all situations I/you can change!!!! You have to examine how your own mind-set of fear and negativity has contributed to the out come of your life.

I realize I was stopping my own self from getting what I wanted out of life. Understand successful  people have fear and negative thought too, yet they just push forward towards their goals.  I decided to step out of my comfort zone push pass my fears and invest in my self and work towards my goals. I am living proof you can get and create your heart desire..

It is time for you to take 100% responsible for your health, wealth, life and life experiences. Invest in your self and allow flawless Glamour to assist you on your journey to wholeness and Extraordinary living!!



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