The 7 Principles of Mind, Body and Nutrition

Transitioning to a life of abundant health and wealth. Time to live

Principle #1–Each one of use has a unique relationship with FOOD and BODY that needs to be Honored, Respected, and Nurtured.

What that mean is there is no one size fit all affair. We all have our own unique metabolism, lifestyle, personality. There are as many effective strategies as there are people who need them. EXAMPLE Doesn’t it make sense that a 50-year-old menopausal women living in a cold climate needs may a different nutritional approach than a 22-year-old male athlete in the tropic.

We often get stuck when it comes to weight. we get stuck in unwanted eating habits because we keep using the same old strategies that supposedly work for everyone, but that never acknowledge our own unique life journey.

Here at flawless Glamour I see each person as biologically and emotionally unique. When we begin with your individual metabolism, this creates a foundation for strategies that are truly effective and result driven..

Principle #2–Food is a door way

What this means is that we have all kinds of challenges with food and body that aren’t quite what we thing they are. When truly take a look at whats going on with our eating and body, it generally takes us somewhere else.

Let’s look at over eating for Example, Most people are taught tha over eating is merely a willpower problem. But when we walk though the doorway overeating, we could find that it might be stress, relationship challenges, family issues or deficient in micronutrients just to name a few. The list of possibilities goes on..

So the good news is, when we see food as a doorway, we are able to access the true cause of an eating concern, and we open the way to finally resolving whatever eating challenge we are facing.

Principle #3–Our relationship with FOOD and BODY is a great teacher..

The wisdom of life is always asking us to learn about ourselves. Life is an ongoing series of lessons, and the relationship we have with our body is truly a great teacher. The problem is, far too many of us consider food, the body fat, or eating as the enemy. So we attack, fight, restrict, and we try to beat our body into submission.

This strategy never last. Until we learn our lessons, they’ll just keep showing up.

So when we dive further in to weight, for example, we discover that weight can be asking use to look at our poor quality diet. It might be pointing us in the direction of  looking at food allergies. It can also teaching us about self-love and self acceptance. It could be pointing to unprocessed trauma or emotions. It can be asking us to be humble and forgive ourselves. And the list goes on.. My approach is all about deciphering the specific lessons that food and body are here to teach us, and learning those lessons well. From this place, magic happens.

Principle #4–Every unwanted health or eating concern has an unseen wisdom and brilliance.

Every challenge we face with food and body has a wisdom to it that’s rooted somewhere in biology, genetics, neurochemistry or psychology, or a combination of these. They exist for a reason. Once we identify the brilliant reason behind our challenge we identify the right strategy for healing..

Example, Heartburn; many people with this digestive challenge, find themselves on medication to manage this condition, and it never truly goes away. But when we look for the unseen brilliance of this challenge of this challenge, here what we learn: a majority of people with heartburn are simply eating too fast, or eating in a physiologic stress response. So it makes perfect sense that digestion would go in to shut down – and the symptom call heartburn is simply alerting us that we’re carrying stress in a way that don’t work for us and its asking us to make adjustments..

So one a deeper level , heartburn might be asking us to slow down in life, pay more attention to our world, and small the roses a little more.

Another reason people experience heartburn is eating poor quality food, or they’re simply eating too much food and again our physiology is literally rejecting the food by trying to push it back out of the body.

As you can see, a single symptom could have variety of possible origins. So our eating issues or health challenges are asking us to listen to them, to decipher them, to be willing explorer of our own metabolism, and to make course corrections in who we are and how we eat..

Principle #5–If you have a challenging relationship with food or body, then you’re indeed here to heal.

There’s no escaping the wisdom of our challenges. There is NO short cuts. Try as we might, there’s no way to sweep under the rug the soul’s imperative to grow, evolve and heal..

This isn’t always easy work – which is why so many people look for quick fix methods that promise fast results that last forever. 

Of course, if such false promises had any truth to them, none of us would be dealing with food and body challenges and we wouldn’t be in this conversation. Within every challenge we face lies a roadmap for our way through. It is time to go deeper, and ask more meaningful question.

Example; body image, it’s fascinating how so many people are living in a body that they’ve decided is unacceptable and literally go through a lifetime of body hate, dieting, unwanted exercise, and self Imposed misery – and still never get where they want to go.

It is time that we learn to love the body as is, and if we truly wish to make it look different , then we learn to love the body into change rather than hating it in to change.

I’m clearly focused on helping people with there eating and weight/health goals. Your higher purpose in life is primary important. Eating Psychology; it looks to support us in fulfilling our potential, expressing our most creative self, and being the person we’re meant to be.

Principle #6–Personal Power = Metabolic Power

This is one key principles in our work. What it means is that the more we become personally empowered, the more we can reach or metabolic potential. When we focus on personal development AND at the same time work on our  nutrition and eating concerns, true change is accelerated in a big way. This is simply an affirmation of how mind and body are truly connected, and how we can no longer avoid work on self when it comes to our food and body concerns.

For many people, when we start transforming how we communicate, when we began speak the truth, be more real, more authentic, more daring, we don’t need food to medicate our discomfort away. Our energy level can increase, our mood lightens, and our digestion can improve simply because it isn’t being limited by stress created by the body.

This is an  approach to our food and body issues that is powerfully effective.

Principle #7–Food is a profound Symbolic Substitute

When a human psyche cannot get what it want, it automatically and instinctively reaches for the closest approximation. When we can’t find the love we want, it’s easy  to reach for food. Food provides us with a readily available way to feel good in difficult moments.

That because to the symbolic mind, food IS love.

The mind is metaphoric in nature. When you were an infant and you were held, loved, and fed, such memories live on as one experience. Meaning. to the undeveloped infant system, food is touch, touch is food, food is love, mother is food – it’ all together as one.

Of course over time, this can become problematic, and we can find ourselves relying on food for something that it cannot give us in the long run. Rather then punishing ourselves for this kind of behavior, Eating Psychology looks to acknowledge the wisdom behind it without blame or judgment.

With this approach, transforming our eating /food and body challenges becomes a more gentle and effective process, and we can begin to shift our focus to focus to where the action truly is..

So hopefully you’re beginning to see the possibilities with this whole new understanding of food, body and health.  flawless Glamour  empowering women to live;  healthy, wealthy, confidently on purpose..

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