Hi! My name is Ewonna Locklear.

With a career that spans over eighteen years, I am one of the hardest working Master Stylist, Wellness, Luxury Lifestyle Coach and Product connoisseurs in the beauty industry. With a long list of certification and honors from the industry and my peers, I have dedicated my career to providing women and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to live a balanced lifestyle and thus founded & created Flawless Glamour.

Flawless Glamour initially began as a brand that reflected my hair and beauty business. I spent many years taking continuing education, studying the latest beauty trends in haircare science and chemistry. To nationally build my brand, I spent the bulk of my time growing my client base, designing beauty, and mastering my product knowledge and styling skills. For a long time, this was my dream and I was living it. 

After spending over a decade behind the chair, like many professionals before me, I saw others suffering from health issues, finding it too familiar within myself. I began to notice that the first sign of unhealthy hair was usually an indication of other deeper rooted health issues. Instead of taking pills and participating in fad diets, I researched a holistic medical approach in order to bring my body, mind, spirit, and emotions into balance. I did not simply want fix the symptom. I wanted to understand the cause. I learned that a person is made up of interdependent parts and that if one part fails to operate properly, then all parts of the body will be affected. This is where I was able to pivot my life and apply my new healthy lifestyle to my professional and financial world, stepping out from behind the chair to shop owner.

In order to become an effective leader, I studied to get my certification as a health and well-being professional, both domestically and globally. Today, I am a certified Coach in Eating Psychology. I have mastered the skills to work with the most important eating concerns – weight, body image, poor eating habits, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more. I am an integral part of a global international business to work with global travel experts. This business has led me on a journey of financial freedom and self-discovery through shared experiences and the transformative power of travel. Additionally, I spent a year in an International Master Mind Coaching program, where I traveled the world, to obtain a wealth of knowledge from top notch well-known coaches. 

My holistic health certifications, financial self-discovery and international mentorship program gave birth to new found dedication to serving my community. I have combined the best of each program to provide the most powerful map to optimal wellness that exists for my clients. I works closely with beauty, high-level corporate professionals and result-driven women as a Luxury Lifestyle Coach.  I help my clients unleash the power of an optimized mindset, finances, wellness & lifestyle to fuel their peak performance and accomplish their most important goals.

I believe in education and taking a holistic approach to healing, and that is what sets me apart from other empowerment coaches. I have transformed what i’ve learned to teach women how to make six-figures based upon a balanced lifestyle. As my motto states, I glamorize from the inside out. “When you feel beautiful, you achieve beautiful things and most important Stay Flawless”.